Gardeners urged to stop using peat-based compost Extraction releases huge amounts of CO2 into atmosphere Tuesday 9 March Ministers hope that Diarmuid Gavin will help them convince gardeners to stop using peat, which is present in almost half of all compost sold by garden centres. Yesterday the Environment Secretary Hilary Benn announced a new target to phase out the use of peat compost in amateur gardens by but shied away from imposing a ban, provoking criticism from members of wildlife groups who said that ministers should have taken stronger action years ago. In the Government aimed to eliminate peat from all but 10 per cent of compost by , but it is still present in 46 per cent of the compost sold in Britain. Its extraction in the UK not only disturbs rare wildlife but also releases an estimated million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Around 70 per cent of peat is used in horticulture, much by amateur gardeners who have long considered it the best way of encouraging plant growth. It is rich in nutrients, being made up of partially decomposed plant material that has not decayed fully because of local conditions. In northern Europe, peat is being extracted quicker than it is renewed on moors and bogs. Some 38 per cent of peat sold here comes from the UK, with 56 per cent coming from Ireland and 6 per cent from the Baltic states. Our research shows us that gardeners often don’t realise the damage that peat extraction causes or that the compost they’re buying contains peat.

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Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! Fiacre Fiachra is not mentioned in the earlier Irish calendars, but it is said that he was born in Ireland and that he sailed over into France in quest of closer solitude, in which he might devote himself to God, unknown to the world. He arrived at Meaux, where Saint Faro, who was the bishop of that city, gave him a solitary dwelling in a forest which was his own patrimony, called Breuil, in the province of Brie.

There is a legend that St. Faro offered him as much land as he could turn up in a day, and that St. Fiacre, instead of driving his furrow with a plough, turned the top of the soil with the point of his staff.

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This year was the 30th anniversary since the contest was re-introduced in The competition is for council tenants, lease holders and primary schools. There was a record number of tenants entering the competition this year with 60 in total, as well as nine local primary schools. The guests were welcomed by Colin Garnett, the assistant director of housing, who congratulated everyone on the high standard of entries. Pauline Charnley, chairwoman of the Tenants’ Forum presented the prizes to the schools.

News from our Twitter Page Tweets by @PlantCentre. Please bear with us while we update the site to the new design. We are one of the leading garden retailers in Chester and are committed to the two most important things all gardeners want Quality and Value.

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Our customer focused Service Division can seamlessly integrate new products into its repair processes ensuring peace of mind to our customers and brand principals. Origo recognises that delivering our service right first time, is the key to the objective of getting paid on time and in full. To help achieve this we offer a highly customer focused approach to all aspects of our business.

The Junior Master Gardener program is an international youth gardening program of the university cooperative Extension network. JMG engages children in novel, “hands-on” group and individual learning experiences that provide a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the .

All of the members brought their favorite dish and it was a delicious spread of food. They are great cooks as well as great gardeners. Elaine Ballance and Michael Andruczyk looked fantastic in their holiday attire and presented the yearly awards to the members. Rookie of the Year Award for the most volunteer hours over the 50 required went to two interns – Yen Bao and Janet Grubbs.

Congratulations to all of the award winners and thank you for all of your hours of service to the Chesapeake Master Gardener Program. Mike and Elaine couldn’t do it without all of your outstanding service. Happy Hoildays to everyone!

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Hostas are so low maintenance that they actually require very little care. However, there are a few things that you can do each autumn to keep your hostas at their optimum health. Limited Fall Care for Hosta Plants If you are making your list of fall chores for the year, you may be wondering what to do – if anything – with your hostas.

The Gardeners Cottages, holiday cottages on Loch Lomond, Scotland in Loch Lomond National Park, near Luss. Luxury accommodation, vacation rental accommodation, self catering cottages and wedding accommodation. sleeping 4/5, 4 and 2.

These gardens were large enclosed parks where the kings and nobles hunted game, or where fruit and vegetables were grown. Early inscriptions from this period, carved on tortoise shells, have three Chinese characters for garden, you, pu and yuan. You was a royal garden where birds and animals were kept, while pu was a garden for plants. During the Qin Dynasty — BC , yuan became the character for all gardens. The park was described in the Shijing Classic of Poetry this way: The Emperor makes his promenade in the Park of the Spirit, The deer are kneeling on the grass, feeding their fawns, The deer are beautiful and resplendent.

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The latest tragic death in this year’s hunting season took place in the village of Taussac in the north of the Aveyron department in southern France. A year-old woman was enjoying the sun in her garden on Sunday afternoon when a bullet, fired by a hunter flew through her hedge and killed her. The exact circumstances around the incident are not clear but it appears the hunter, who was taking part in a deer hunt, had fired into the hedge after it had attracted the attention of two hunting dogs.

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Then, in November, a sheriff’s sale notice appeared on one of the properties, which it turned out carried thousands of dollars in tax debt. But now that land values are rising, it’s a race against development to preserve many of those green spaces. Meanwhile, a growing number of gardens are being lost to sheriff’s sale or private sale. Now, advocates are taking proactive measures of their own: Smith, for one, is hoping it’s the first step toward preserving her neighbors’ hard work.

Lately, that fight has grown more urgent. And that same pattern is playing out at gardens across the city, making it hard to keep up. A parcel in the Growing Home garden, farmed by Burmese and Bhutanese refugees in South Philadelphia, was lost to a sheriff’s sale last year in that very manner, Greenberg said, leaving officials scrambling to save it with a land swap. The gardens are also vulnerable to other threats, as rapidly appreciating land values are finally making it worthwhile for absentee owners to pay off back taxes and sell the land.

La Finquita, a garden in South Kensington, was sold quietly after a developer tracked down a descendant of the landowner. The gardeners recently ended a lengthy legal battle in a settlement, and announced they’ll shut down for good at the end of the month. Now, though, there are more advocates on the case. Ebony Griffin of the Public Interest Law Center recently ran training for two dozen lawyers on garden legal issues. Then, PILC will match the gardeners with attorneys.

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Celery stalks are almost absent of calories, yet contains important vitamins and minerals. Celery has a very mild flavor, Some people complain that it has little, or no taste. Fresh garden grown celery usually has a stronger, pleasant flavor. The mild taste is what makes celery stalks such a great tool for dipping into your favorite dip, salad dressing, or sauce. It also adds a little crunch to recipes.

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The Japanese Garden at Kidd Springs, as it ascends the hillside from the the lake, is dotted with antiquities dating from the mid s. While Oak Cliff Founders Park gives on to a sweeping view of downtown Dallas from its rocky perch, the Kiest Conservation Area offers approximately 80 acres of natural space with walking trails winding through woods and wildflower-dotted meadows. Away from the dirt, together we provide educational and social activities that promote the love of gardening.

The quarterly meetings of FOCP include an educational presentation, and volunteers are recognized and thanked again at the summer social hour and the end-of-year holiday party. At Lake Cliff Park Garden, installation of the new crape myrtle demonstration garden, with an expected 26 varieties, should be completed, including placement of identification signs linking each variety back to a website containing detailed information on each plant.

Design work and installation will begin on other sections of the gardens where 25 to 30 varieties of salvias will be displayed.

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