Glass Containers, Incorporated was established in at Vernon, California. A general line of utilitarian bottles and jars were made there. Up until the late s, the bottles produced by Glass Containers tended to be more heavily distributed in CA and the Western areas of the United States, although they may be found anywhere in the country. Exact timeline of use uncertain. Photo courtesy of Jason Carpenter There is uncertainty and confusion about the exact date ranges during which the GC mark variations were used. That mark appears on the base of many California-region soda and other bottles from the s and s. Please contact me if you have seen it in person on a glass container! I would especially like to hear from any former GC employees who can provide more clarifying information. Here is some information supplied to me via several emails, from Roger McLord, an employee of Glass Containers Corporation in the period: The three original Glass Containers, Inc.

Questions for “KJV only” advocates:

Information on Justin Martyr Robert M. Grant writes The Anchor Bible Dictionary, v. Later he composed his Apology now divided into two parts.

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Blomberg, The Case for Christ 26 Because of the lack of original texts, it has been very difficult to date the canonical gospels as to when they were written or even when they first emerge in the historical record, as these two dates may differ. According to this scholarship, the gospels must have been written after the devastation because they refer to it. However, conservative believers maintain the early dates and assert that the destruction of the temple and Judea mentioned in the gospels constitutes “prophecy,” demonstrating Jesus’s divine powers.

The substantiation for this early, first-century range of dates, both conservative and liberal, is internal only, as there is no external evidence, whether historical or archaeological, for the existence of any gospels at that time. Nevertheless, fundamentalist Christian apologists such as Norman Geisler make misleading assertions such as that “many of the original manuscripts date from within twenty to thirty years of the events in Jesus’ life, that is, from contemporaries and eyewitnesses.

Moreover, even the latest of the accepted gospel dates are not based on evidence from the historical, literary or archaeological record, and over the centuries a more “radical” school of thought has placed the creation or emergence of the canonical gospels as we have them at a much later date, more towards the end of the second century. Anonymous and Pseudonymous Authors Based on the dating difficulties and other problems, many scholars and researchers over the centuries have become convinced that the gospels were not written by the people to whom they are ascribed.

As can be concluded from the remarks of fundamentalist Christian and biblical scholar Dr. Blomberg, the gospels are in fact anonymous. In reality, it was a fairly common practice in ancient times to attribute falsely to one person a book or letter written by another or others, and this pseudepigraphical attribution of authorship was especially rampant with religious texts, occurring with several Old Testament figures and early Church fathers, for example, as well as with known forgeries in the name of characters from the New Testament such as the Gospel of Peter, et al.

In actuality, there were gospels composed in the name of every apostle, including Thomas, Bartholomew and Phillip, but these texts are considered “spurious” and unauthorized.

When Were the Gospels Written?

The supposition that the author was one and the same with the beloved disciple is often advanced as a means of insuring that the evangelist did witness Jesus’ ministry. Two other passages are advanced as evidence of the same – But both falter under close scrutiny.

California Nevada State Line to Highway 89 at Truckee River Bridge. After entering California on the Tahoe Rim Trail, the ADT follows a southwesterly course through forests and mountain meadows roughly paralleling the northwest shoreline of Lake Tahoe at a distance of several miles.

Rise of the Sasanian empire. The overthrow of the Arsacid royal house in CE and the establishment of the Sasanian dynasty was the outcome of the simultaneous decline of the Parthian state brought about by chronic civil strife, a devastating epidemic of smallpox, repeated wars with Roman forces who sacked Ctesiphon in and , and the gradual ascendancy of a Persian family with religious and political bases of support.

The Arsacid empire was divided between two rival brothers: The three of them are represented on the wall of the Harem of Xerxes at Persepolis —evidence, it has been suggested, of a claim to Achaemenid heritage Calmeyer, , pp. Well acquainted with historical reality, he adopted the newer, more flexible chain armor of the Roman type, while the Parthians still used the older lamellar and scale armor Bivar, , pp. Then he returned to the western front and took some Roman border towns and besieged Hatra.

This brought about the war with Rome Felix, , pp. The obverse shows his bust, wearing a new type of crown, consisting of a diademed headgear surmounted by the korymbos, a fine, bejeweled fabric encasing the top hair in a glob-like fashion; it became the identifying feature of the Sasanian kings on the symbolism of Sasanian crowns, see Herzfeld, , pp.

The legend is also new Klima, ; Sundermann, His title, as elaborated by Shapur I see below , became the standard designations of the Sasanian sovereigns. The fire of each king was kindled on his accession again an Achaemenid tradition, cf. He did not, however, elevate Zoroastrianism to be the state religion, as Sasanian-based sources claimed; and the clerical hierarchy was not yet fully organized see Gignoux, He replaced vassal kings with his own sons and relatives, and he centralized the state revenue and authority by developing an efficient bureaucracy and by strengthening the military.

They intermarried with the Sasanian families and held the highest civil and military positions in the empire.

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By the time of Jesus, there were thousands of synagogues in the world and more than in Jerusalem alone. This book, published in May AD by Steven Rudd identifies 55 second temple period synagogue buildings from archeological top plans, inscriptions and literary sources. For the Jew, this book provides an historically and scientifically accurate view of their amazing Hebrew faith and worship in the ancient synagogue as they transitioned away from Temple worship. Jewish weekly sabbath day synagogue worship is nowhere to be found in the inspired Tanakh and is as much a human origin, manmade system as weekly Friday worship in a Mosque.

Archeology without a Bible foundation is just a pile of worthless sand. The Synagogue was a prototype for the church in architecture, worship and function:

Dating Dispute Over ‘Oldest Koran’– BBC News ( February ) When they reached the trading city of Antioch, they killed almost everyone, including the Christians who lived there. By the time they got to Jerusalem, it had recently fallen into the hands of Egyptians, who were friendly with the Vatican.

Map of northern California counties Map of the three Californias on the Cal 3 ballot proposal Northern California California Southern California Northern California is not a formal geographic designation. Popularly, though, “Northern California” usually refers to the state’s northernmost 48 counties. Because of California’s large size and diverse geography, the state can be subdivided in other ways as well.

For example, the Central Valley is a region that is distinct both culturally and topographically from coastal California, though in northern versus southern California divisions, the Sacramento Valley and most of the San Joaquin Valley are usually placed in northern California. Extreme northern residents have felt under-represented in state government and in attempted to form a new state with southwestern Oregon to be called Jefferson , or more recently to introduce legislation to split California into two or three states.

The coastal area north of the Bay Area is referred to as the North Coast , while the interior region north of Sacramento is referred by locals as the Northstate. From the development of gold mining techniques and logging practices in the 19th century that were later adopted around the world, to the development of world-famous and online business models such as Apple , Hewlett-Packard , Google , Yahoo! In science, advances range from being the first to isolate and name fourteen transuranic chemical elements , to breakthroughs in microchip technology.

Cultural contributions include the works of Ansel Adams , George Lucas , and Clint Eastwood , as well as beatniks , the Summer of Love , winemaking , the cradle of the international environmental movement, and the open, casual workplace first popularized in the Silicon Valley dot-com boom and now widely in use around the world.

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Christian martyrs Church tradition developed outside of the canon of the New Testament describes the martyrdom of many saints, including the legend of the martyrdom of Barnabas. His kinsman, John Mark, who was a spectator of this barbarous action, privately interred his body. This is highly unlikely since the apocryphal Acts states that his bones were burnt to dust and that relics of some of his bones are stored in a church today; on the other hand, the fire in the apocryphal Acts could have cremated only some of his bones.

According to the History of the Cyprus Church, [7] in Barnabas appeared in a dream to the Archbishop of Constantia Salamis, Cyprus Anthemios and revealed to him the place of his sepulchre beneath a carob -tree. The following day Anthemios found the tomb and inside it the remains of Barnabas with a manuscript of Matthew’s Gospel on his breast.

Black Diamond Mines (Antioch, CA) – Reportedly haunted locations in California – Wikipedia The Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is a park located north of Mount Diablo. There is a creepy and unknown history that many people don’t know about at all.

Questions for “KJV only” advocates: Some questions by Steve Rudd, who compiled the remaining questions from others. Which KJV is inspired, since it was revised four times, the last being in Do they realize that the apostle Paul did not use the KJV. Why do KJV only advocates reject the apocrypha, since the original version contained the apocrypha? If the KJV translators were inspire, why did they use a marginal reference to the apocrypha: If God gave us the KJV as an inspired translation, why would God not repeat the process again in modern language in each language?

Why did the KJV translators use marginal note showing alternate translation possibilities? If the KJV translators were inspired of God in their work, why did they not know it? Why were all the marginal notes and alternate readings removed from modern editions of the KJV, along with the Apocrypha, the opening Dedication to James I, and a lengthy introduction from “The Translators to the Reader. In defending the KJV’s use of archaic language, do you really think it is a good thing that a person must use an Early Modern English dictionary just to understand the Bible in casual reading?

Why do KJV only advocates feel that all modern translations are wrong for copyrighting the work of each translation when they copyright the materials on their websites, tracts and books they use to promote the KJV? Do they not realize that after years all books pass into public domain and that all copyrighted Bibles today will soon be public domain just like the KJV?

If “God’s truth should not be copyrighted” then why do they copy write their defenses of God’s ultimate truth, the Bible?

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Recommended Books for the Study of Early Christian Writings Information on the Epistle of Barnabas John Dominic Crossan quotes Koester as stating that New Testament writings are used “neither explicitly nor tacitly” in the Epistle of Barnabas and that this “would argue for an early date, perhaps even before the end of I C.

Richardson and Shukster have also argued for a first-century date. Among several arguments they point to the detail of “a little king, who shall subdue three of the kings under one” and “a little crescent horn, and that it subdued under one three of the great horns” in Barnabas 4: They propose a composition “date during or immediately after the reign of Nerva C.

Northern California (colloquially known as NorCal) is the northern portion of the U.S. state of ng the state’s northernmost 48 counties its main population centers include the San Francisco Bay Area (anchored by the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland), the Greater Sacramento area (anchored by the state capital Sacramento), and the Metropolitan Fresno area .

It, and an account of The Martyrdom of Polycarp that takes the form of a circular letter from the church of Smyrna to the churches of Pontus , form part of the collection of writings Roman Catholics and some Protestants term “The Apostolic Fathers ” to emphasize their particular closeness to the apostles in Church traditions. After the Acts of the Apostles , which describes the death of Saint Stephen , the Martyrdom is considered one of the earliest genuine [2] accounts of a Christian martyrdom, and is one of the earliest-known Christian documents of this kind.

Other sources are the epistles of Ignatius , which include one to Polycarp and another to the Smyrnaeans , and Polycarp’s own letter to the Philippians. In , some third to 6th century Coptic fragments about Polycarp were also published. Ignatius addressed a letter to him, and mentions him in his letters to the Ephesians and to the Magnesians. Irenaeus regarded the memory of Polycarp as a link to the apostolic past.

He relates how and when he became a Christian, and in his letter to Florinus, a fellow student of Polycarp who had become a Roman presbyter and later lapsed into heresy. Irenaeus wrote to Florinus: I could tell you the place where the blessed Polycarp sat to preach the Word of God. It is yet present to my mind with what gravity he everywhere came in and went out; what was the sanctity of his deportment, the majesty of his countenance; and what were his holy exhortations to the people.

I seem to hear him now relate how he conversed with John and many others who had seen Jesus Christ, the words he had heard from their mouths.

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Those who are knowledgeable about these people also understand that they founded Carthage and other colonies, as well as brought the first alphabet and papyrus to the Greeks. This uncertain state of affairs is conveyed to students of history through the widely divergent dates and data regarding the Phoenicians which are contained in current texts and references. To take a step toward resolving this unfortunate situation, the present paper examines in some depth the origin of the Phoenician empire.

To clearly illustrate the problem being addressed here, consider the conflicting and vague nature of comments made in standard texts and references pertaining to the date of origin of the Phoenician empire. While many sources incorporate “hedging” words into their statements, they each commit to a particular date…leaving the reader with the definite impression they have been told the proper “origin” date.

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An exceptionally fine panoramic view of the lake can be seen from the ADT directly south of Martis Peak. The trail crosses tributary streams of the Middle Fork at the bottom of deep forested canyons. On the trail, historic gold mining towns no longer in existence are Last Chance and Deadwood. The trail passes through Michigan Bluff, an historic gold mining town which today has a few residences and a couple of cemeteries.

This segment ends at Foresthill, a former gold mining and lumber industry town which is growing today as a retirement community. The trail then follows the river downstream to the Ruck A Chucky Campground. Old Town has many historic buildings and a Railroad Museum.

When Were the Gospels Written?

Jerome De viris illust. Of later collections of Ignatian letters which have been preserved, the oldest is known as the “long recension”. This collection, the author of which is unknown, dates from the latter part of the fourth century. It contains the seven genuine and six spurious letters, but even the genuine epistles were greatly interpolated to lend weight to the personal views of its author.

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He who died in place of us is the one object of my quest. He who rose for our sakes is my one desire. He was taken under guard to Rome where he was to be brutally devoured by wild beasts in a public spectacle. A holy man who was deeply loved by the Christian faithful, he always made it his special care to defend “orthodoxy” right teaching and “orthopraxy” right practice among the early Christians. In , during the reign of the brutal Emperor Trajan, this holy Bishop was wrongfully sentenced to death because he refused to renounce the Christian faith.

During his journey, his travels took him through Asia Minor and Greece. He made good use of the time by writing seven letters of encouragement, instruction and inspiration to the Christians in those communities. We still have these letters as a great treasure of the Church today.

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Christian martyrs Church tradition developed outside of the canon of the New Testament describes the martyrdom of many saints, including the legend of the martyrdom of Barnabas. His kinsman, John Mark, who was a spectator of this barbarous action, privately interred his body. This is highly unlikely since the apocryphal Acts states that his bones were burnt to dust and that relics of some of his bones are stored in a church today; on the other hand, the fire in the apocryphal Acts could have cremated only some of his bones.

According to the History of the Cyprus Church, [8] in Barnabas appeared in a dream to the Archbishop of Constantia Salamis, Cyprus Anthemios and revealed to him the place of his sepulchre beneath a carob -tree. The following day Anthemios found the tomb and inside it the remains of Barnabas with a manuscript of Matthew’s Gospel on his breast. Anthemios presented the Gospel to Emperor Zeno at Constantinople and received from him the privileges of the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus , that is, the purple cloak which the Greek Archbishop of Cyprus wears at festivals of the church, the imperial sceptre and the red ink with which he affixes his signature.

Anthemios then placed the venerable remains of Barnabas in a church which he founded near the tomb. Excavations near the site of a present-day church and monastery, have revealed an early church with two empty tombs, believed to be that of St. Barnabas is venerated as the Patron Saint of Cyprus. Other sources[ edit ] Although many assume that the biblical Mark the Cousin of Barnabas Colossians 4: They were all members of the Seventy Apostles of Christ , including Barnabas himself.

There are two people named Barnabas among Hippolytus’ list of Seventy Disciples, one 13 became the bishop of Milan, the other 25 the bishop of Heraclea. Most likely one of these two is the biblical Barnabas; the first one is more likely, because the numbering by Hippolytus seems to indicate a level of significance.

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