Why is now the time right for the BQX? The Brooklyn Queens waterfront has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, experiencing enormous residential and job growth, with far more growth on the horizon. In fact, during this time the center of the city has shifted eastward and Brooklyn and Queens have become first-choice destinations for living and working. Yet the transportation system has not kept up. Unlike a bus, the BQX has the ability to move the projected 50, daily riders along the corridor in a single, efficient route. As a result, it will be faster and more reliable than any bus route along the corridor, and it will generate enough value to cover the cost of its construction. More importantly, the rails will physically connect the corridor, helping to attract riders and catalyze economic development opportunities in a way that buses do not.


This Oscar-winning song from the film ” The Joker is Wild ,” is performed by a relaxed Sinatra to another terrific Nelson Riddle arrangement. Listen to the audio clip at amazon. Listen to audio clips from two different remixes of this pumpin’ dance track here and here. I also love a hot jazz violin version by Joe Venuti. In this cantankerous political season, I can think of nothing more triumphant than a full-hearted embrace of the cultural contributions of The Great One, who arose from the blisters of his childhood and even above the bluster of his most famous characters to Leap Up and Declare, with undiluted joy: Listen to audio clips from the work here.

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Download Slide Show 1. Be sure to check out all the other fabulous fan websites worldwide, sure to have vidcaps, video, transcripts, and insight into the appearance. Team up again with Mary-Kate, Ashley, and their trusty dog Clue to solve all new exciting cases filled with suspense, mystery and thrills! From a spooky summer camp to a mystifying museum, you’re sure to have the adventure of a lifetime!

For those who didn’t get to see the movie, or wish they could see it again, good news! This great movie is now available on home video.

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Introduction Zambia derives its name from the Zambezi River. The river runs across the western and southern border and then forms Victoria Falls and flows into Lake Kariba and on to the Indian Ocean. It is a landlocked country with several large freshwater lakes, including Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru, Lake Bangweulu, and the largest man-made lake in Africa, Lake Kariba. The terrain consists of high plateaus, large savannas, and hilly areas; the highest altitude is in the Muchinga Mountains, at 6, feet 1, meters.

Zambia lies between the Democratic Republic of Congo to the north, Tanzania to the northeast, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia to the south, and Angola to the west. The country measures approximately , square kilometres with a population of approximately 11

UPDATE: The Law and Legal Research in Swaziland. By Buhle Dube and Alfred Magagula. Update by Alfred Magagula and Sibusiso Nhlabatsi. Alfred Sgcibelo Magagula is a member of the Centre for Human Rights and Development. He holds a student B.A. (Law) .

Whether you heard them from your mom, your best friend, or an ill-informed bra salesperson, these nine common bra myths just aren’t true. Sleeping in a bra will keep your boobs perky A couple years ago, Halle Berry revealed in an interview that she’d been sleeping in a bra since age Guth explains that over time, perkiness fades as gravity pulls the ligaments in your breasts downward.

Guth points out your breasts don’t actually contain muscle, just skin, fat, and ligaments. According to the American Cancer Society, that study failed to follow standard practices of epidemiological research, nor did it take into consideration known risk factors for breast cancer and other variables. But the myth persists on the internet, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop newsletter even resurrected the long-debunked claim in October Who the heck has time to wash bras that often?!

To save you some time and sanity , Luciani recommends having a few in rotation. Do NOT put your bra in the washing machine This myth does hold a bit of truth. But as long as you accept that you’ll have to replace your lingerie more frequently, there’s nothing wrong with washing your bras in the machine. Instead, she advises using a cool water cycle, a gentle detergent look for “free and clear” on the label , and placing your bras in a mesh garment bag.

You can keep your bra forever If the bra still fits, wear it, right? Even if your boobs stay the same size, you shouldn’t hang on to your favorite bra for all eternity. It all depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it.

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Arrested Development season 1 George Bluth Sr. His son Michael serves as manager of the company, and, after being passed over for a promotion, decides to leave both the company and his family. Just as he makes this decision, however, George Sr. His wife Lucille becomes CEO, and immediately names as the new president her extremely sheltered youngest son Buster , who proves ill-equipped, as his only experience with business is a class he took concerning 18th century agrarian business.

Furious at being passed over again, Michael secures another job with a rival company and plans on leaving his family behind for good.

Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity; this latter aspect is sometimes alternatively termed pansexuality.. The term bisexuality is mainly used in the context of human attraction to denote romantic or sexual feelings toward both men and women, and the.

She was born Shi Xianggu Chinese: She was a Cantonese prostitute who worked in a small brothel in Guangzhou , [3] but was captured by pirates. In , she married Cheng I , a notorious pirate. The name she is best remembered by simply means “Cheng’s widow”. Marriage to Cheng I[ edit ] The Cheng family of the Pirates on the China Sea genealogy Cheng I belonged to a family of successful pirates who traced their criminal origins back to the mid-seventeenth century.

Following his marriage to Ching Shih, “who participated fully in her husband’s piracy”, [1]: By , this coalition was a formidable force, and one of the most powerful pirate fleets in all of China; by this time they were known as the Red Flag Fleet. She started to cultivate personal relationships to get rivals to recognize her status and solidify her authority. In order to stop her rivals before open conflict erupted, she sought the support of the most powerful members of her husband’s family: Then she drew on the coalition formed by her husband by building upon some of the fleet captains’ existing loyalties to her husband and making herself essential to the remaining captains.

She believed there was only one man for the job, Cheung Po Tsai. The two became lovers within weeks and eventually married. Cheung Po Tsai died at 36 of unknown causes. Code of laws[ edit ] Once she held the fleet’s leadership position, Ching Shih started the task of uniting the fleet by issuing a code of laws.

Ching Shih

JessicaHuseman Different approach, same idea: The Citizens Agenda in Campaign Coverage , in which a news organization first synthesizes — then publishes — its priority list for election-year journalism. The agenda originates in an elaborate act of public listening. In every forum possible, voters are asked: If through hard work you discover the answer to that, you not only have a ready blueprint for election coverage, but a way to persuade people that you are on their side.

Of course, you have to be right.

A stabbing rampage in Melbourne is being treated as a terrorism incident after Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack undertaken by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

There is always security in buildings and dorms. While there is always a risk because of the school’s location, NYU does a great job of making it as safe as they can Greek Life Greek life does not have a large presence in NYU, which I find extremely appealing. For students who want it it’s there, but it’s not in your face Clubs and Activities There are all different types of clubs available.

Everyone can find at least one they are interested in Great for these types of students NYU is great for independent, hard-working students who crave more than the typical college experience. It’s our version of a quad. Instead of seeing only other students we see all types of people, and there is always something exciting going on there.

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A Sampling of Programs Please note: This listing is for information purposes only and does not imply an endorsement or recommendation. Campers are grouped according to fluency of the French language and have the opportunity to practice their skills in educational workshops and through games, dance, music, sports, outdoor and water activities, as well as local field trips.

Camp hours are 9: Students visit two of the cultural partners each day for hands-on activities in science, nature, art and culture. The program provides campers with a multifaceted, holistic education on food history and culture.

Here is the comment I made when I inaugurated this list on 1 September ; since then, the list has evolved to encompass both vocal and instrumental musical compositions: Today, I thought I’d share with my readers a new feature for “Notablog” and a new page on my site.I have been promising readers to inaugurate additional “My Favorite Things” pages, pointing to such things as favorite books.

Some applicants want to know how good the campus Wi-Fi system is, whether the fitness center offers spin classes or even if the cafeteria has an organic salad bar. Let me suggest that college-bound high schoolers add one more item to their collegiate checklist: If applicants and their parents want to know whether the dating scene at a particular college is geared more towards wild hookups or traditional relationships, the best barometer will always be the ratio of women to men on campus.

How do I know this? But when women are in oversupply—as they are today at most U. With girls continuing to outpace boys in school and young women continuing to attend college in ever-greater numbers, the U. Department of Education now expects the ratio to approach three women for every two men by Sarah Lawrence men have little interest in exclusive relationships.

The young man told me he had had sex with more than 20 of his female classmates. The descriptions came from Niche. The guys practice the requisite Christian business principles, but blow through the Baylor babes that are in endless supply.

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Upon completion of this flexible program, students gain expertise in skills such as: This certificate is in financial analysis is offered with a specialization in derivative instruments or with a specialization in banking and finance. For candidates who wish both specilizations six elective courses are required. Students who began working toward the Financial Analysis Certificate without specializations may complete their course of study in accordance with the requirements that were in effect at the time they commenced their studies with the University.

PRICE Required Courses 5 of these courses are required Fundamentals of Corporate Finance This introduction to corporate finance emphasizes using long-term debt, preferred stock, common stock, and convertibles in the financial structure of a corporation.

Matthew Whitaker Takes His Twitter Account Private, After the Acting Attorney General’s Tweet About the ‘Mueller Lynch Mob’ Reveals Conflicts.

Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal” , Allison Prete, on Vimeo Repeated calls have been made to revitalize the economy and the environment of the Gowanus area. The first major U. The organisms they found included typhoid , cholera , dysentery , and tuberculosis. Initial findings revealed an almost total absence of oxygen, much raw sewage, grease, oil, and sludge. The report also documented the decreasing use of the canal by industry and shipping.

The number of industrial firms using the canal fell from nearly fifty in to six in The report put forward a number of recommendations, one of which was fixing the flushing tunnel to increase the oxygen content of the water. With the opening of the new plant, the last dry-weather discharge into a New York City waterway ended, and the CSO points now only function during rain storms.

Previously, water from the canal had gone westward into the Buttermilk Channel, but now water from the channel went into the Gowanus Canal.

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Hallie Goodman Hero Puppeteer Hallie is happy to be a part of this amazing production. Jeremiah Johnson Puppeteer Jeremiah is thrilled to be working with this amazing company. Logan Kimes Stage Manager Born and raised in show business, Logan is the son of one of the most comical animal trainers of our time and one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

At the age of 10 Logan became interested in the literary arts. In she permanently moved to New York to further her career, and in her short time has worked with Oscar nominated director Darren Aronofsky, and booked two lead roles in independent feature films which have premiered in festivals around the US. In the near future, Aimee will be releasing her first EP.

Step Up 3D () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

She has her own talents, though, she has one incredible voice! Sarah Sutherland With a last name like Sutherland, you are bound to land any gig you would want in Hollywood. The youngest Sutherland, year-old Sarah, is an actress as well are you actually surprised? Sarah has also appeared in an episode of The Newsroom. You would think Destry would go into the family business of acting, but she has decided to take a departure from the industry altogether. Destry actually just landed her first modeling contract with DT Model Management.

Frances herself is very artistic as well. She has modeled for several campaigns and has even debuted an art collection under the pseudonym Fiddle Tim. She went on to intern at Rolling Stone magazine and word on the street is that she turned down the role of Alice, in Alice in Wonderland. She graduated with a BA in Sociology from Boston University and has been working in the real estate industry and owns several properties.

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