Learn Chinese Pinyin Rules: Initials, Finals, and Tones A Mandarin syllable consists of three components: All of the consonants represent basically the same sound that they have in English with the following exceptions: The letters b, d, and g are really the unaspirated versions of p, t, and k. This simply means that they are pronounced in the way the letters p, t, and k are pronounced after the letter s as in spy, sty, and sky. The difference is subtle enough that, unfortunately, many Chinese phrasebooks do not bother to point out this crucial difference. The letters q, x, z, and c are pronounced more like the letters ch, sh, ds, and ts in cheap, she, suds, and cats, respectively. The letters zh, ch, sh, r are known as the retroflex initials, meaning that they should be pronounced with the tongue curled backwards. Since pinyin was designed to represent phonetics, it is entirely consistent on how combination s or initials and finals should be pronounced. There are, however, a few conventions and shortcuts that you should be aware of:

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Symbolism of Colors in Korea Korean society traditionally adapted to and found meaning in the order of nature. Wanting to pass on the hidden meanings of the natural world to future generations and believing them as a law and order in their daily lives, Korean people have created myriads of beautiful and diverse patterns and motifs often embodying auspicious meanings which can be found adorning everything from Korean traditional architecture to objects of every day life. This talent reflected in all aspects of Korean culture, from common people’s daily goods and accessories to royal clothing.

Confusing Marks on Sterling Silver and Silver Plate. Marks on precious metals have been regulated by law since ancient times. From pharaohs, Roman emperors and continuing today, fineness, or standard marks, have been used to guarantee minimum amounts .

The new format will be broader than just living and working in China: Online dating and dating-app culture is on the rise. Dating Culture In China: It was 11 pm on a Saturday night, and Jeff, a European. Traditional chinese culture dating apps China is a very large country with hundreds of different chinrse ethnic groups. Left, left, and then, “Oh, this girl is pretty.

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Chinese calligraphy Chinese calligraphy is a form of aesthetically pleasing writing calligraphy , or, the artistic expression of human language in a tangible form. This type of expression has been widely practiced in China and has been generally highly esteemed in the Chinese cultural sphere including, historically, for example, Japan , Korea , Taiwan , and Vietnam. There are some general standardizations of the various styles of calligraphy in this tradition.

Chinese calligraphy and ink and wash painting are closely related:

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The First Trine in Chinese Astrology: The first trine consists of the Rat, Dragon, and Monkey. These three signs are intense and powerful individuals, capable of great good or great evil. They make great leaders, but the three have different approaches. Rats and Dragons have a tendency to be quite dictatorial and autocratic, whilst Monkeys are more diplomatic.

Frustrated when hampered, these signs are ruled by highly potent energy and unpredictability.

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Fixed—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Flexed—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Every alternate sign, beginning with Aries, is male and the rest are female. The Double-bodied signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

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Over the years, we have done much research and will post a few things here that may help new buyers of China correctly date the items they are bidding on. You may have noticed that almost all sellers on Ebay list china items as collectable, vintage, antique, old, very old etc. But are they really? Here is a little smattering of facts that may help you correctly date the china you have inherited, or kept in the family through the years.

Or it may help you correctly date what you are considering bidding on, or what you want to sell on Ebay. So in no particular order, here are a few rules of thumb, to keep in mind when bidding on china on Ebay. Backstamps that are pressed into the item, rather than printed on, indicate an older item, that may date between By the early ‘s most backstamps were printed. So if someone tells you it was made in the ‘s and the backstamp is printed in ink, they would in most cases be wrong.

If the backstamp of your china item has no country of origin, it was likely made before If the item has no backstamp at all, it was also likely made before

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It is a land rich in natural resources, with recent oil discoveries putting it among the world leaders in potential oil reserves. The newly independent Republic of Kazakhstan ranks ninth in the world in geographic size roughly the size of Western Europe and is the largest country in the world without an ocean port. The Kazakhs, a Turkic people ethnically tied to the Uighur We-goor people of western China and similar in appearance to Mongolians, emerged in from over sixty years of life behind the Iron Curtain.

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Dutch is a West Germanic language with about 28 million speakers (in ), mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are small Dutch-speaking communities in northern France, around Dunkerque. Dutch is also spoken in Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and in Indonesia. The Dutch dialects.

The confusion comes from the absence of enough artifacts to allow archaeologists and historians to say for sure whether they were looking at simply a collection of images, a proto-writing system or a proper writing system. Jiahu symbols comprise one such collection of symbols that are believed by many to be the oldest written words.

Jiahu symbols comprise 16 different signs, markings or pictograms found carved on tortoise shells over 8, years old. These shells were excavated from a burial ground unearthed at Jiahu, a Neolithic archaeologist site in Henan province in western China. The Neolithic Jiahu symbols predate the earliest recorded Mesopotamian writings by over 2, years, but it is doubtful whether they can really be called the oldest writing system. In fact, a number of researchers are skeptical of classifying them as a writing system.

Some of the Jiahu symbols, such as the characters for ‘window’, ‘eye’ and numerals 8 and 20, have a striking similarity with a few characters of the Chinese script that is believed to have developed from oracle bone writing around BC during the reign of the Shang dynasty.

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Chinese Dating Rules By: Zoe Van-de-Velde Western culture permits a very free and easy attitude to dating. Couples make their own choices, and parents’ wishes are often ignored. Chinese dating customs are very different. There is far more restraint shown by the couple.

Chinese cuisine is a very important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world.

And it sounds like he picked a nice girl to court — how cool that she went online looking for advice! Jocelyn March 13, at Ask him about what guys in China do when they want to have a relationship, or have him teach you how to write a couple of characters — making sure he guides your hand in proper penmanship. March 14, at 3: Anonymous March 14, at 3: My Chinese suitor and I have been spending time together since he returned from vacation.

There is definitely a powerful connection between us. Jocelyn, your description about dating Chinese men is very similar to his behaviors- compliments me often, gifts, etc… He also told his parents back in China that he met a beautiful and kind American girl! We plan on going to a park on Lake Michigan to watch the sunset, but the weather is still a bit cold.

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Posted by Hollie at WrittenChinese. Remembering the stroke order for each and every character is, according to many of you, the most difficult thing about learning Chinese. As frustrating as this was for me, I do understand why and also have to admit that I, a grown woman over 20 years older than my students was also a culprit of writing albeit Chinese characters however I wanted. So, here are some rules for writing characters that will hopefully help you get to grips with Chinese Character strokes.

The stroke system in Hong Kong is different from that of Taiwan and Traditional stroke patterns differ from the order in Mainland China.

Chinese Dating Rules. Use it and rest assured your chances of finding the right date will increase manifold.

Chinese characters are beautiful little pieces of art, exotic and mysterious, and very suitable for a tattoo design. These symbol tattoos are only done by Westerners, you’ll seldom see a Chinese with a character tattoo. The opposite is going on though In China it’s trendy nowadays to get an English text tattoo, usually full of spelling mistakes. That being said, the art and writing of the traditional Chinese culture have graceful lines which lend themselves perfectly to the art of tattooing.

Chinese character tattoo design meaning ‘Snake’ A word of warning: He wanted the Mandarin characters for “Love, honor and obey” etched on his skin, but he got quite a shock when he learned his Chinese tattoo really meant: He found out the truth when he noticed the effect his tattoo had on a woman serving at a Chinese restaurant, who reluctantly translated the tattoo for him. Going back to the tattoo shop, he found out it had closed If you are thinking about getting a Chinese writing tattoo, make sure you get your translation from a reliable source so the design really means what you think it does.

Also, make sure that the tattoo artist you select is able to reproduce the translation correctly. Find a tattoo artist who has had experience with Chinese character tattoos and can render the writing correctly. Hanzi Chinese character tattoo meaning “Snake” Hanzi is the name for the traditional Chinese characters used in the official written language of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Chinese communities out of China.

There are about 47, Hanzi characters, but many of them are unused to be fully literate, you need to know about of them.

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The light portion, Yang, is male, heaven, sun, light, vigor, penetration, dragon, monad, azure color, mountains and odd numbers. The dark half, Yin, represents the female, earth, moon, dark, quiescence, absorption, tiger, orange color, duad, valleys and even numbers. North – Ox – Earth, capaciousness, submission. Northeast – Dragon – Thunder, moving exciting power East – Pheasant – Fire, sun, lightening, brightness, elegance Southeast – Goat – Still water, pleasure, complacent satisfaction South – Horse – Heaven, power, untiring strength Southwest – Cock – Wind, wood, penetration, flexibility.

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As an art form, Chinese calligraphy remains an integral aspect of Chinese culture. Evolution of Chinese Characters Chinese characters have evolved over several thousands of years to include many different styles, or scripts. The main forms are:

Many Korean symbols are similar to the Chinese characters for luck, fortune, longevity, and fertility. Traditional Korean patterns Common themes in Korean symbols include longing for paradise, happiness, love, and good fortune.

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