These are no longer just the children of the most observant families, but children from all movements- Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Modern Orthodox- whose parents want to provide them with a stellar, value-based education that prepares them to succeed in a complex world. A study of Jewish college students from public, secular private and Jewish day schools concluded the following about Jewish high school alumni from non-Orthodox backgrounds: General Education They are the most positive about the level of intellectual challenge and the efforts of teachers to engage them in classes. They are most positive about the encouragement and support received from teachers. Social Attitudes They are more resistant than their public school peers to social pressures such as heavy drinking that leads to other risky behaviors. They are more likely to restrict their dating to Jewish peers and be involved with Jewish life, learning, observance, Israel and Jewish cultural activities on campus. Application to Life at College Their Jewish day school education provides outstanding preparation for a broad range of colleges and universities, including those that are most selective. They participate in all aspects of undergraduate life and are well represented in the ranks of student leaders. Leadership They are more likely to demonstrate a stronger sense of responsibility towards addressing the needs of the larger society by influencing social values, helping those in need, and volunteering time to social change efforts. Shalom Torah Academy provides students with a stellar, values-based education that prepares them to succeed in a complex world.

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Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community and Beyond The Talmud teaches that anyone who has the ability to correct a situation and is derelict in doing so bears the responsibility for whatever results. If abuse is not acknowledged, it is tolerated. Standing by while a sin is being committed is a violation of Jewish law. Abuse is happening in our neighborhoods.

“Peace” is a common word in many languages, and it can mean different things, though we often think of it as “absence of war.” In Hebrew, the word for peace, “shalom” (שָׁלוֹם), refers not just to the absence of conflict, but to something better replacing is all about things being as they should be.

Many Jewish men historically wore turbans , tunics , cloaks , and sandals. Tallit, tzitzit, and tallit katan[ edit ] A Jewish woman prays with a tallit and tefillin. The tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl worn while reciting morning prayers as well as in the synagogue on Sabbath and holidays. In Yemen , the wearing of such garments was not unique to prayer time alone, but was worn the entire day. It is sometimes referred to as arba kanfot lit.

According to the Biblical commandments, tzitzit must be attached to any four-cornered garment, and a thread with a blue dye known as tekhelet is supposed to be included in the tzitzit.

Brit milah

I have contacts in the NY area, Israel and various other places. I have decided to go out on my own to do this so I am collecting shidduch profiles from my friends and contacts and their friends and contacts. See my guidelines below and after reading them please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I am only involved with setting up Jews.

Jewish resources and information for Myrtle Beach and the greater Grand Strand area.

Domestic abuse crosses all economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our team volunteers work locally to stop the violence and the abuse that occurs within relationships. There was no state agency responsible for ensuring compliance with the law, so it was clear that it would require grass roots efforts. We helped organize collaborations of city and county officials, service providers, faith based organizations, advocacy groups and law enforcement across the state.

These coalitions designed posters unique to their communities and containing the required poster language. They were mailed to the businesses required to post. The coalitions followed up with the businesses in person to see if the posters were displayed and encourage compliance. Posters were mailed to over businesses in the region along with a letter from the Sheriff and DA asking for compliance. During the brief visit, additional posters were provided to the businesses if needed. Our Jewish teachings compel us to help repair the world and respect the dignity of others.

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In Yemen , the wearing of such garments was not unique to prayer time alone, but was worn the entire day. It is sometimes referred to as “arba kanfot” lit. According to the biblical it states commandment, a blue thread known as tekhelet is supposed to be included in the tzitzit. Tzitzit are fringes or tassels worn by observant Jews on the corners of four-cornered garments, including the tallit prayer shawl. Since they are considered by Orthodox tradition to be a time-bound commandment, they are worn only by men; Conservative Judaism regards women as exempt from wearing tzitzit, not as prohibited.

Kippah[ edit ] A kippah or yarmulke also called a kappel or “skull cap” is a thin, slightly-rounded skullcap traditionally worn at all times by Orthodox Jewish men, and sometimes by both men and women in Conservative and Reform communities.

YOUNG FRIENDS The Young Friends of Rodeph Shalom gathers members and prospective members, generally in their 20s and 30s, who want to establish and grow roots at RS and in Philadelphia’s Jewish community through social events, Jewish learning, and a commitment to tikkun olam.

By Lesli White Shutterstock. What better news could there be than Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so that we might become the children of God through faith alone in Christ alone? When we turn on the nightly news, we still see violence, anger and brokenness. When we look at our relationships, we deal with anxiety and drama. When we look at the comment thread of any post shared on social media, we are bombarded with racial tension and hate.

This is a theme that runs though the Bible but is especially strong in the Hebrew prophets. In this account, God acts in Jesus Christ to bring shalom, or holistic peace and justice, in every part of creation. God wants shalom between all types of people: God wants shalom to cross racial divides and shalom between nations. God is an advocate for shalom. In the Bible, the word shalom is most commonly used to refer to a state of affairs, one of well-being, tranquility, prosperity and security.

It denotes the overcoming of strife, quarrel and social tension.

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He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in , where he won numerous academic prizes in the areas of Jewish Philosophy and Talmud. He has been featured on NPR as a change maker and a rising voice of Jewish leadership. Rabbi Farkas worked with military families of all faiths to prep them for deployment and to help them spiritually and emotionally when they returned home.

The Center for Conservative Jewish Life In Howard County Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Caring, Creative, Conservative brings empty nesters and mature singles and couples together for a pot-luck dinner. RSVP required to @ Beth Shalom participated in “Courageous Conversation.

Vocals and piano by Sam Glaser Story: Two Brothers in Jerusalem A long time ago in Jerusalem lived two brothers who were both farmers. They tended their crop on opposite sides of a hilltop. One brother was married and had a large family. The other lived alone. They farmed the land, and harvested equal amounts of produce. Every night the two brothers, each in his own home at opposite ends of the field, would lie awake in thought.

The brother with the large family would think to himself, “My brother is alone, and has no one to take care of him. Surely he needs more of the crop than I. Surely he and his wife need more of the crop than I. And likewise, the single man would gather some of his bundles late at night, and secretly deliver them to his married brother.

Years passed, each brother unaware of the other’s generosity. One clear starry night, the two brothers met as they carried their bundles of wheat across the field.

Jewish religious clothing

Mohel[ edit ] A mohel is a Jew trained in the practice of brit milah, the “covenant of circumcision. The brit is performed on the eighth day from the baby’s birth, taking into consideration that according to the Jewish calendar, the day begins at the sunset of the day before. If the baby is born on Sunday before sunset, the Brit will be held the following Sunday.

The Shalom Jewish Recovery Institute will officially open its doors on June 14 in two discreet locations: One in Manhattan on Central Park West, and a second in Long Beach. The Shalom Jewish Recovery Institute will offer drug/alcohol recovery and detoxification from a team of world-class doctors and a highly-trained professional staff.

Nowadays, it is mostly used regarding matrimonial peace. As a Jewish value[ edit ] Throughout the history of the Jewish people, Jews have held an ideal standard for Jewish family life that is manifested in the term shalom bayit. Shalom bayit signifies completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment. Hence, the traditional Jewish marriage is characterized by peace, nurturing, respect, and chesed roughly meaning kindness, more accurately loving-kindness , through which a married couple becomes complete.

It is believed that God’s presence dwells in a pure and loving home [4] In Jewish culture, a marriage is described as a “match made in heaven,” and is treated as a holy enterprise. By declaring the marriage union sacred, a couple stands sanctified before God.

“Oseh Shalom” – A Prayer for Peace

London, U-K 10 May 1. Presenter in studio 3. Pull-out from Shalom FM sign to man and woman talking 4. Mike Brooke takes paper into studio 5. Mike Brooke walks into office 7. Inside studio, presenter and Rabbi at desk 9.

Building an inclusive community is a priority. Contact us and we will make every effort to meet your needs Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.

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The book presents anecdotes and associated video clips that reveal the myriad ways that Jewish culture, religion, humor, music, song, and dance have found expression in parts of the world that, at first glance, might not seem supportive of Jewish Life. After you order the book, return to the book page and click on Kindle Edition. Bring Al’s Jewish humor lectures and comedy programs with the funniest videos on the Internet to your community and your synagogue, club, JCC, organization or private event.

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We offer the following tours Tour inside the Synagogue We do tours inside the Synagogue and Museum daily, except Saturdays, from 14h30 to 15h30 Power Point Projection Tour We show a power point projection of the sights of the ancient Jewish Quarter, followed by a guided tour of the Shalom Synagogue dating and the Jewish Museum. Walking Tour We walk in the narrow street where we read ancient plaques written in Hebrew, Italian and Djudeo Spanish Ladino , we visit sites of the ancient Jewish Quarter, speak of customs, life among the Jewish Community until the second world war, Shoah, Rhodes as part of Italy and influence the Italian government on the Jewish Community of Rhodes, education etc… The cost depends of the amount of people willing to take this walk.

This tour includes also the guided tour of the Synagogue and the Museum. The cost for each tour depends of the amount of people willing to take the tour.

Temple Shalom is a vibrant, inclusive congregation located in the South Bay. We represent the face of modern Judaism: Jewish couples, Jewish men and women and their non-Jewish spouses and partners. Blended families, singles, seniors, teens and toddlers.

Her husband, also a physician, wasn’t a fan of the procedure either. He understood the medical complications. So when the Walds’ son was born in , the family decided not to circumcise the newborn. But they are Jewish. Instead of having a mohel slice off the 8-day-old’s foreskin, Wald urges Jewish families to consider throwing a naming ceremony called a brit shalom. I don’t think she realized how invasive circumcision is. He’s found that the effects of circumcision include anger toward parents, shame, distress, low self-esteem, avoidance of intimacy, sexual anxieties, and depression.

Wald, a Florida attorney, also weighs in on the legal issues surrounding circumcision. So for me, it’s not just theoretical. But the families would bring in a rabbi and keep the ceremony to themselves. In , Wald launched Beyond the Bris, a go-to website for Jewish families opting out of circumcision.

At first, she says, the number of Jewish parents opting out of the traditional bris ceremony was extremely small.

Rabbi Noah Farkas

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LARGEST Messianic Jewish Singles site Shalom and welcome to Messianic Connections, a website for Messianic Jewish Singles, Messianic Gentiles, and Christians for Israel who love the Holy Land.

Members share a commitment to being caring and inclusive and connecting to Jewish values, education, and traditions in personally meaningful and diverse ways. There are egalitarian Shabbat with Kiddush lunch and holiday services, as well as daily morning and evening minyanim. It welcomes with open arms new members of all backgrounds and family structures.

An informal, unpretentious, and caring home for the Jewish soul, heart and mind. Come join us in study, service, prayer and friendship as we grow our unique brand of traditional and egalitarian Judaism. Tobin , the spiritual leader of B’nai Shalom, instills our shul with a warm and inviting family spirit, a steadfast love of Israel, and a deep commitment to Jewish life and learning. He invites your contact and looks forward to welcoming you.

B’nai Shalom offers a full schedule of religious services including:

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